Frequently asked questions

Do I need to download any software or Apps?

No, You will recieve a text message with a hyperlink containing your inspection reference code. On clicking the link it opens a new webpage to start the inspection session and you will be asked to allow permission to open the camera, and to share your location.

What happens if I lose signal?

Dont Panic! We know that the telephone signal strengths can be unreliable. Once the inspection is started, it will guide you through and take all required images. If you lose connection the system will store the inspection locally on your phone until the signal is strong enough to upload to our system

Does my car need to be clean?

Yes! The system is clever enough to work out dirt from shadows. However as with any inspection the cleaner the car is, the easier it is to identify any damage.

What does PAVE stand for?

We are an Artificial Intellignce tool, making the inspection experience as user friendly as possible. so PAVE stands for Personal Assisted Vehicle Evaluations