What is PAVE Inspect? 



AI technology that will revolutionise the way you inspect and sell vehicles forever 

Developed in Canada, this successful open API self-inspection solution turns any phone into a

professional inspector in one click. And now it’s available in the UK exclusively to us, to provide to you. 


This mobile user experience allows for full integration within your business and current technology,

capturing real-time inspections in an instant with accurate results, saving you time and money 

  • Inspection times are reduced. 

  • Human error is eliminated. 

  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. The streamline process guides users through an easy to follow, automated vehicle image and data capture process which guarantees consistency and quality in vehicle information and images collected on inspected vehicles. 


This comprehensive AI technology can detect every aspect of the vehicles appearance, colour and trim. 

Each inspection will provide you with a detailed condition report with over 10000 data points, itemised damage and even the user’s name and location details. 

As PAVE completes each inspection it automatically grades it with 3 specific global industry standard grading bands

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Customer-guided inspections 

  • Provides detailed inspection report for all parties 

  • Easy to follow 

  • Informs consumer of damages and allows user to add any PAVE may have missed 

  • Provides consistent details about the vehicle 


Improved professional inspections 

  • Complete a comprehensive vehicle inspection in just 3 minutes! 

  • Capture consistent vehicle imagery and damage details  

  • Consistent vehicle details on every inspection 

  • Provides automated batch vehicle processing as an inspection option 


The extensive PAVE inspection report details: 

  • Vehicle details 

  • Original images 

  • Damage  

  • Each damaged item specifying severity, repair options etc and pulls 3rd party data to determine current market or wholesale pricing, rating the vehicle based on international grading practices or matching to pre-existing rate cards to help determine cost of repairs. 

  • Pre-populates the data however you want it to integrate into your environment or business  

  • All verified by PAVE badge linked to report 


PAVE, works with a Human Intelligence first approach meaning it does not rely on AI to learn an unmanageable amount of discrepancies—our highly skilled team is trained to recognise any and all damages, assisted by our AI technology. 

PAVE offers the advanced features and speed to market of a plug and play API with all of the control of a custom-built solution. It is the new standard in automated vehicle self-inspections that will save you time, money, and drive you ahead of the game in used vehicles sales.