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About Marcus Blakemore – Founder MJB Automotive Solutions

My 30+ years in the automotive industry is what lead me to find the future of automotive solutions. 

Working for companies including Gain Solutions Ltd – DEKRA UK, Nissan Motor GB and GRS (Greenhous Remarketing Services), I gained comprehensive insight into the inner workings of vehicle remarketing, used vehicle retailing, electric vehicles, vehicle inspection and refurbishment. 

My expertise in both digital and traditional used vehicle marketing platforms have propelled me to discovering PAVE and its advances in the used vehicle sector.

I believe this technology ‘is’ the future. 

At MJB Automotive Solutions we know, social distancing and reduced travel pose new challenges for the car market, and as a result, consumer’s expectations with regards to service levels and timings have changed. Their new demands create a challenge to field-based inspectors in order to meet all strict criteria within the Service Level Agreement and consistency.

With our AI vehicle inspection tool - PAVE, customers can complete their own inspection any time, 24/7 which we believe will help meet customer’s expectations in terms of service as well as adhere to social distancing protocols. The inspection itself can create a fully costed inspection that you can use to ascertain damage levels and any recharge costs, which we believe will help enhance and streamline your business whilst improving efficiency.

That is why we have partnered with the Canadian developers of PAVE, to provide this self-inspection solution to you. Its ability to create comprehensive, detailed vehicle condition reports in just 3 minutes per vehicle, demonstrates the vast capabilities of this open API self-inspection solution and indicates what a powerful tool this can be for your businesses future.

On a personal level, I have a successful track record of building long term profitable relationships with vehicle Manufacturer/Importers, and pride myself on being capable of winning and maintaining major accounts in vehicle remarketing, used vehicle retailing, electric vehicles, vehicle inspection and refurbishment. 

Throughout my career, I’ve become known to be diligent, reliable, and respected in the industry for competency and integrity. 

I believe this technology will revolutionise car-inspection and as a result, reduce the number of days to sell, reduce depreciation costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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